Visit world’s most beautiful lake town

I know our planet is a tiny speck in the vast universe, but I believe its the most beautiful speck. It is full of surprises and above all full of beautiful places that have the power to touch your soul and one such place is definitely Hallstatt, with its amazing mountain scenery, lush alpine meadows, and picturesque village indeed it is the most beautiful lake town in the world. To know more keep reading.

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Chasing the Super Moon

On 14th November 2016, we  went out of our way to capture a clear view of the SuperMoon! What was the outcome? Well, apart from the mesmerizing experience, photos and videos I also learned a very important lesson. While gazing at the eternal beauty of the bright moon in pitch black sky, I realized that chasing the supermoon for me was not just about capturing the perfect photo but it was metaphorically related to our everyday chase of goals and dreams. Above all the blissful feeling and satisfaction that we feel when we see our DREAMS COME TRUE! Join me on this wonderful journey of ‘Chasing The Super Moon

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Too Thin Or Too Fat – Nothing In between

“You are either skinny  or fat, there is no other tag for your body type.”

I recently heard this quote in some movie and Ohh  how much I can relate to it! Over the years, I have transitioned from being skinny to being fat and during this journey, I hardly remember anybody telling me that I look fine. But, this journey has a happy ending and all that matters today  is being healthy. Let’s explore it in more detail.

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Why I Love Travelling?


Seven out of ten people today will say that they Love Travelling and if given a choice they would remain travellers for their entire lives and I know I am one out of those seven.

Nothing brings me more bliss than exploring a new place, wandering on an unknown road and the confidence that you can be or do anything because people around you will mostly overlook your antic behaviours thinking – Tourist are strange.

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