Chasing the Super Moon

On 14th November 2016, we  went out of our way to capture a clear view of the SuperMoon! What was the outcome? Well, apart from the mesmerizing experience, photos and videos I also learned a very important lesson. While gazing at the eternal beauty of the bright moon in pitch black sky, I realized that chasing the supermoon for me was not just about capturing the perfect photo but it was metaphorically related to our everyday chase of goals and dreams. Above all the blissful feeling and satisfaction that we feel when we see our DREAMS COME TRUE! Join me on this wonderful journey of ‘Chasing The Super Moon

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Too Thin Or Too Fat – Nothing In between

“You are either skinny  or fat, there is no other tag for your body type.”

I recently heard this quote in some movie and Ohh  how much I can relate to it! Over the years, I have transitioned from being skinny to being fat and during this journey, I hardly remember anybody telling me that I look fine. But, this journey has a happy ending and all that matters today  is being healthy. Let’s explore it in more detail.

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My Bucket Full Of List (Part 1)


Over the years I have tried a lot of motivational things such as gratitude, visualization, reading, writing, meditation, vision boards etc. You name it and I must have either practiced, read or heard about it.Today, when I look back on all the things I have done it takes me back to the year ‘2010’ which is a special year for me, to be even more precise the date and time is  27/07/2010 11:15 PM, at my home. This was the day when my dream list or bucket list manifested from my mind on a paper and an amazing list of 51 ‘I want to do’ things came into existence.

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