Vague Idea

Vague – I believe there is no other word that we live so much every day, like this one. Every morning the stream of vague thoughts start as we wake up from a vague dream which is hard to recollect and the process goes on the whole day till we again slip into a new vague dream. So much vagueness almost engulfs our entire life. But out of this vagueness also comes a good thing.

The seed of every concrete idea comes from vague thoughts.

As thoughts flood our daily life, there is also a glimpse of those ideas that if implemented will not only help us but also others. Only if it was so easy to distinguish between a random thought and a productive idea. Do we have a solution? Yes, I can suggest one.

For many years I wished I get a brilliant idea, which if implemented will turn me into an overnight entrepreneur, but that never happened, that idea never came. This pattern really created a lot of conflict and uneasiness in my mind.

So I decided to just slow down in my quest for greatness and decided to give Meditation a chance. Did it help? The answer is a big YES, meditation helps and I will always suggest it to any and everyone.

I know I have to cover a distance in my journey of greatness, but daily meditation has helped me to just slow down the train of vague thoughts, acknowledge them and just observe them as they slowly pass through my mind. I do choose to stop on a station of an idea if I find it intriguing.

I have mentioned in detail about meditation on my blog ‘Small Changes Big Impact

How do you deal with the daily rush of vague thoughts? I will love to know.

P.S. The picture is from the photography class I attended.

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