Authentic Self

We often try to search for authenticity in materialistic things and even ideas. Materialistic authenticity is quite easy to filter based on the brand names and high prices that come along with them. I wish it was the same with information and knowledge, but the irony is that knowledge is free and we have a hard time digesting such information. In addition, we are often raised with a mindset that whatever knowledge we are gaining is 100% authentic to our own culture and our ancestors were the first ones to discover it only to find out later that such discoveries were already made and documented long before our ancestors were even born. Then the question arises as to How far should we go? How much to dig into the past to find the origin of that knowledge? And is it really necessary to do so?

Well, I believe it is important to find the origin of a certain knowledge because when we find the creator, we also find the answer to the one important question – ‘What triggered the need for the creation?’ and that answer will always help us to understand the human behavior even better. But again it might happen that our creator or inventor got the idea from somewhere else or read a book and just forgot to mention it, and that is when the conflict occurs. So I truly believe that we should always appreciate and respect an individual for his/her efforts but don’t raise the bar so high that a small blow of wind can shake our faith in their authenticity. So where else should we look for authenticity if not in the creator?

We often find conflict on the topic of ‘Who discovered electricity?’ No doubt Edison gave us the first lightbulb, but the study and use of electricity were done as back as 600 BC by the ancient Greeks. So we may not consider Edison the creator of electricity, but the person who made 1000 attempts to create a lightbulb and never gave up. He added the authenticity of his persistence to the whole chapter of electricity and turned his vision of making electricity available to public possible.

Every idea with a hint of your personality is authentic

This is the beauty of authenticity and we all have it. In today’s world, we often feel that there is nothing new to say and do. Almost every idea seems to be executed somewhere in some part of the world. But its not important, who claims to be the creator of an idea, but its important what characteristic or personality traits of your own you add to that idea, personalize it and then present it to the world, because there is no one like you and what you will produce will always be one of a kind – 100% authentic.

*But will like to addDo acknowledge the person who is the creator of that idea (Your inspiration), because he/she is the threshold of your success and they deserve it.

What do you think is authentic to your own character? I will love to know.

P.S. The image posted is from Science Museum (UK) displaying the Jaipur foot which is a prosthetic limb developed by a craftsman and orthopedic surgeon. It offers a greater flexibility and is a low-cost innovation as compared to its western counterpart. 1.5 Million people have received this prosthetic limb free of cost. I salute such authentic ideas that added value to other peoples lives.

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