Parallel Universe

When I first read today’s daily prompt – ‘Parallel’ my mind automatically added the word ‘Universe’. I guess it is the effect of watching too many science fiction you-tube videos which keep popping on my timeline and I cannot resist clicking on them. It is such an intriguing concept, which gives wings to my imagination of what I may do if we ever find a way to travel through the parallel universes. I know there are various concepts with respect to Parallel Universe, but for the sake of this blog, we are going to consider my plans if the following concept comes true, which is related to different time frames on different universes.

So in the lay man’s language, this concept states that – There are multiple dimensions and a copy of us exist in all those dimensions, living a somewhat different life based on the choices we and others around us make in that dimensions. So, what if I get a chance to travel to one such universe, where I find myself in a much younger version then I am today. It does sound like Time Travel, but the good part is it does not affect my present in this universe. So what are the things I will love to tell myself (If only the other me does not freak out completely and believes in the concept of the parallel universe)

Well, there are so many things, but if I just have to tell one thing then it is: Believe in yourself and your dreams and don’t let go of them. Take that firm decision, an extra step, extra effort, show some tough love towards yourself and you will sculpt a very beautiful and satisfying future.

What will you tell your younger version if you get the chance? I would love to know.

P.S. The picture is from Science Museum (London).

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