Free the Genie

As a 90’s Kid, the word Genie is somewhat engraved in my mind. Let it be the Aladdin TV series,  Aladdin movie or the Christina Aguilera song ‘Genie in a bottle’, everything about it was magical and addicting. Fast forward to 2006, the book ‘The Secret’ released that highlighted the idea that the universe is a big genie and all you need is ask.  I 100% believe in all the above ideas and even have my three wish ready in case I stumble on a magic lamp. In addition, I think it’s also important to understand what happened after the genie completes Aladdin’s three wishes and this blog is all about it.

A recap of the story of Aladdin (or introduction for them who don’t know the story.)

A poor lad Aladdin finds a dirty antique lamp, tries to clean it and pops out a genie who grants him three wishes. By the end of three wishes, Aladdin is a prince, marries a princess and is super rich. Then he sets the Genie free and the genie is so impressed that, they become friends and stay together forever, helping each other in all their adventures. Perfect ending.

The main focal point of this story is on ‘Aladdin’, and sure he is the hero of the story. But if we just turn the leaf and focus on the life of Genie- A powerful force who does all the hard work, who has the ability to turn dreams into reality. The power that was locked in a small lamp for more than 1000 years and when it was released all he wants to do is live his freedom to the fullest – make things happen. So why consider the story of Genie?

Well if we look closely both Aladdin and Genie are part of us. We are like Aladdin full of dreams and goals. As a child, we think that we can do, be and have anything we want and our inner Genie also works in full force with those dreams. We hold onto those dreams for some time and then the hard truth strikes us. We have to complete our school, complete our degrees, get good grades so that we can get a good job and unknowingly we become so used to the mundane that those dreams take a backseat and so does the Genie.

Then there are those moments when time to time we try to clean the dust from the lamp of our dreams. We try to remember our dreams, write them down, make a wish list and make a wish so that they should come true. The Genie does answer and two or three wishes do come true, but then we go back to our routine and it becomes a pattern. The Genie is lock back again.

So what to do, to make it permanent?  Do what Aladdin did – He freed the Genie and by doing so the genie became his friend forever, he never left. What if we do the same, what if we free the genie, make him our friend and workout all our goals and dreams with him. What if we think and act as if we know that we always have a great genie backing up all our goals and dreams. How different things will be. We will no longer look for a lucky chance or right time to do things but just go for it because we have our own personal genie with us all the time.

I do believe it is all within us and we do have the power not only to make a wish but also complete it by believing in it and working on it constantly and soon all our dreams will come true.

P.S. The post picture if from our visit to the ‘Royal Pavilion’ – Brighton(UK). I chose this picture because it looks so similar to the Aladdin castle. The castle is worth a visit, as its very beautiful and magnificent from inside as it is from outside.

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