Fret Experiences

As you grow older you become wiser

I agree 100% with the above statement, but with an addition though – As you grow older you become more anxious too. If you feel the same and have experienced the feeling, then trust me don’t take these symptoms lightly as the journey between panic and anxiousness is too short. Today’s blog is about two such experiences I would like to share. One experience which very quickly turned into a panic scene and the other one where I successfully overcame my fret behavior.

Experience Number 1

We had just shifted into a new town and we hardly knew anyone, as a result, our evenings were not very entertaining. After few such boring evenings, we decided to join the nearby sculling club. The timing was perfect and the instructor was great too. The first few lessons were great as they were taught on a rowing boat with a balancing panel on both sides. Then came the time when the instructor thought that we were ready for the next level – rowing on an actual super thin rowing boat, which just sits few inches above the water. That was the day when the anxiousness kicked in, I was not afraid at first, I knew it was all safe, the worst thing that could happen, is me falling in the water and getting wet, that’s it. But no amount of comforting was consoling my fret mind. The most embarrassing part was that my 12-year-old peer was trying to boost my morale by sharing her personal experience, she told me how she was the youngest to learn rowing and how when at age of 8 she felled in water and finally overcame her fear. Well, that didn’t help and I ended up canceling the classes. Till this day, I regret my decision and feel that I should have pushed myself harder and taken the plunge to overcome my fear or at least in the water.

Experience Number 2
It was during our first trip to Rome,  we were super excited and wanted to experience it all in just three days. So after much research, we finalized to book the ‘Segway Tour’ that guaranteed us a visit to all the famous spots of Rome in half the time. The adrenaline of trying something new in a new place was in full force and we booked the tour without the second thought. A piece of advice, if you are trying something new don’t google the pros and cons of that thing after booking, just go for it, with an open mind.

Finally, the day arrived and we reached the spot and the anxiousness hit me, my mind started analyzing all the possible scenarios to cancel the tour and get a refund. But I kept ignoring the feeling. Then came the part two, the trial time, my mind still chattering all the excuses to cancel the tour, I felt like just sneaking back to my hotel room when everyone was trying their hands on the Segway. But the instructor assured me that it was safe and kept pushing me to the point I felt comfortable. After few scary attempts, not only did I managed to finish the tour and enjoy it all, but I also felt renewed and light-hearted, something I never felt for many years when I kept on with my fret behavior. Above all, now I can boast that I can confidently ride a Segway.

What do you think about my experiences, do you relate to them, did you have any similar experience? If so, I will love to read.

P.S. Picture from our trip to Rome – Segway Tour.

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