Good In Crankiness

‘Crank’ is an interesting word, on one side it is used to describe the starting/turning of something (some kind of machine) and if the same word is used for a human then he/she is described as eccentric/odd/misfit.

For the sake of this blog, we will keep the ‘machine’ related meaning aside and dive into the subject of humans because from last few years I have found myself amazed by the variety human potential and qualities. My interest in human behavior has increased to such an extent that lately, I have started searching online courses for psychology. Coming back to our topic of the day, I feel no matter how off-track a crank person can sound, we do like such kind of people. Offcource we do.

So do we know any Crank person? Yes, I guess the number of cranky people has increased day by day. The daredevils of web world who love to live their life in an unconventional way, the free-spirited friends who are always taking adventurous trips, completely ignoring the societies defined routines. The entrepreneur who launches a rocket-car to Mars.

But I agree not all cranky people are likable. There are those whom we cannot stand, for example, the know-it-all office colleague who has an opinion and information about everything or even the knows-nothing managers. And the biggest irony is that we have to spend most time of our day with such people.

But then there is also the third kind of cranky people whom we adore a lot and even encourage them to continue with there antics. Those are the little ones around us – Children’s. Children have an amazing ability to create a world of there own without worrying about ‘What the world will think’. They dance, they laugh and if they set their mind on any project, they get it done, which even means spending lot of their parent’s money.

So finally we can conclude that having cranky people around us is not really that bad. There is so much to learn from them and even let some of their crankiness rub on us.

P.S. The post picture is from Science Museum (UK), in the section ‘Dreams Of Flight’, a dream envision and executed by so many cranky people in history and the end result, we enjoy the fruits of their crankiness.

Do you think crankiness is good or bad? What kind of cranky person you have come across?

via Daily Prompt: Crank

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