The Journey Of Sound


What an amazing subject to discuss about, merely thinking about songs bring back so many memories related to our favorite song and the emotions attached to it and how it makes you feel no matter how many times you have heard it.

The best part about this blog is that I am actually writing down it while listening to one of my favorite classical songs, and it makes me so happy every time I listen to it. There are so many kinds of songs, a wide variety of them in every possible language that ever existed. So today I thought about writing down the reason why I think that songs have the power to create a long-lasting impression on our mind and touch our souls, so, let’s find out.

What is a song, set of words mixed with music to create a beautiful melody? Normally song without the music become a poem or set of words and with the added music becomes a melody.

A beautiful song can be expressed as the enlighten version of a sound.

We are surrounded by all kind of sounds. Our mere existence depends on the rhythmic beating of our heart. So as per my equation, when a sound follows a rhythm that becomes music and when words are added to that rhythm it becomes a song.

They say every object living or non-living has the ability to reach its highest potential. For Example, coal when reaches it’s highest potential becomes diamond. Milk when reaches it’s highest potential become the purest of oil. And when humans reach their highest potential, become enlightened beings, even Gods.

Similarly, I feel Song is the most beautiful version of a sound and that’s why it has the ability to touch our soul and transport us somewhere beyond our dimensions of existence.

I think, in the journey of sound, a song is the highest potential it can reach.

I know not every song will fall into this category, because not every coal becomes diamond but honestly, the once that do is a gift to humanity.

P.S. Was not sure which image should I post on this blog, how do you visualize a song in an image. Selected this picture because I feel the motion created in the image using slow shutter speed somehow represents the sound, rhythm, and words – A complete Song.

What do you think, do you agree? I would love to know.

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