Goodness In Depletion

Any word, with its meaning, has so much power that it has the ability to stir up emotions and feelings that can either uplift your mood and take you on your next adventure or can push you in desolated dimensions. So when I saw the daily prompt word – Deplete, the first few thoughts were not so inspiring, I thought about the famine, deforestation, global warming and even humanitarian crisis which are all perfect examples of the depleting resources in today’s world. But these exhausting topics are not the focal point of this blog today, as I believe that there is always a positive aspect to every scenario. So after pondering on its meaning for a while and jogging my brain hard for new ideas, I did find the goodness in depletion.

Depletion normally feels good especially when you are undergoing some kind of healing process, it can be physical or mental. Slowly and gradually when you begin to see the symptoms that caused you so much pain and suffering are starting to deplete and become a past memory, you start to feel good. You feel rejuvenated as if you have grown wiser by the experience.

I know it is impossible to forget the experience completely, but the recollection does not stir up the sadness or suffering anymore. Instead, you feel happy remembering those days when you could see hope in the depleting symptoms and gave gratitude for the recovery.

Did you ever feel that depletion was in fact good? If yes, please share as I would love to know and gain from experience.

P.S. The post image was captured during our last visit to Iceland. The ice had just begun to melt, exposing the mushy land beneath it and as the sun was setting down the whole atmosphere was filled with a warm hue.

via Daily Prompt: Deplete

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