Glimmering Hope

Hope is to follow the light at the end of the dark tunnel for a brighter future.

I know the above statement is kind of cliché, but I guess we often use it to express our journey and our struggle along the way. Well, this blog is not about the dark tunnels of life, but the glimmer of light that has helped me time and time again to get out of this tunnel.

If we have to express our life’s journey graphically, it normally will end up looking like a wave moving up and down on the timeline of our life. We often find ourselves riding this wave endlessly, we are happy and excited when things are going well, while sad and dull when things are not so good.

Whenever I have found myself on the bottom of the wave, the one thing that has helped me always is a Good Book.

Yes for the first 17 years of my life I never liked reading non-fictional books and the fictional once just created a fantasy in my head which was no where closer to my reality. Then came the lowest points of my life and I needed help.

I had a book gifted by a friend which lied on my book shelves for many months, it was a self-help book and I showed no interest in reading it as I felt that it’s only going to increase the boredom in my life.

But somehow at one point, I don’t know how I just picked up the book* and it really struck a chord with me and thereafter I have never underestimated the power of books.

This was just a start and after that, I have always found solace and help from various varieties of books. I won’t say that this experience has made me a bookworm – No, but I always make sure I surround myself with books, because I feel books have the glimmering power to attract you when you need them the most, all you need to do is trust the feeling and pick up the book.

Do you agree with me, if so which book is your favorite and how did it help you? I will love to know.

P.S. *The book was – The Be (Happy) Attitudes By ROBERT SCHULLER

The post image is shot at Hallein Salt Mines, Austria.

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