Disrupt Opinion

I always enjoyed writing and that is the reason why I started with blogging, but nowadays I do face the blogger-blankness issue. I don’t know what to write about or what to say. I have no new content related to the theme I have selected for my website and I have not published anything from last few months, this makes me sad. So I have finally decided to participate in the Daily Prompt challenge and the word for the day is ‘Disrupt‘.

Disrupt – interrupt (an event, activity, or process) by causing a disturbance or problem.

The first thing I did is google searched the exact meaning of the word because it’s so important to understand the meaning of a certain word or statement or even action before we start expressing our own opinion.

I feel in today’s world it’s so important to just pause and think twice before we take any action, even if it is as small as leaving a comment on somebodies else topic or opinion because knowingly or unknowingly you might miss the actual context and disrupt the whole process.

P.S. The featured image of this post was captured when I was experimenting with the slow shutter speed of my camera on a beautiful wall graffiti. I selected this picture because I feel the abstract picture does reflect the concept of ‘Disrupt’. What do you think, do you agree?

via Daily Prompt: Disrupt

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