Vague Idea

Vague – I believe there is no other word that we live so much every day, like this one. Every morning the stream of vague thoughts start as we wake up from a vague dream which is hard to recollect and the process goes on the whole day till we again slip into a new vague dream. So much vagueness almost engulfs our entire life. But out of this vagueness also comes a good thing.

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Authentic Self

We often try to search for authenticity in materialistic things and even ideas. Materialistic authenticity is quite easy to filter based on the brand names and high prices that come along with them. I wish it was the same with information and knowledge, but the irony is that knowledge is free and we have a hard time digesting such information. In addition, we are often raised with a mindset that whatever knowledge we are gaining is 100% authentic to our own culture and our ancestors were the first ones to discover it only to find out later that such discoveries were already made and documented long before our ancestors were even born. Then the question arises as to How far should we go? How much to dig into the past to find the origin of that knowledge? And is it really necessary to do so?

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Parallel Universe

When I first read today’s daily prompt – ‘Parallel’ my mind automatically added the word ‘Universe’. I guess it is the effect of watching too many science fiction you-tube videos which keep popping on my timeline and I cannot resist clicking on them. It is such an intriguing concept, which gives wings to my imagination of what I may do if we ever find a way to travel through the parallel universes. I know there are various concepts with respect to Parallel Universe, but for the sake of this blog, we are going to consider my plans if the following concept comes true, which is related to different time frames on different universes.

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Free the Genie

As a 90’s Kid, the word Genie is somewhat engraved in my mind. Let it be the Aladdin TV series,  Aladdin movie or the Christina Aguilera song ‘Genie in a bottle’, everything about it was magical and addicting. Fast forward to 2006, the book ‘The Secret’ released that highlighted the idea that the universe is a big genie and all you need is ask.  I 100% believe in all the above ideas and even have my three wish ready in case I stumble on a magic lamp. In addition, I think it’s also important to understand what happened after the genie completes Aladdin’s three wishes and this blog is all about it.

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Fret Experiences

As you grow older you become wiser

I agree 100% with the above statement, but with an addition though – As you grow older you become more anxious too. If you feel the same and have experienced the feeling, then trust me don’t take these symptoms lightly as the journey between panic and anxiousness is too short. Today’s blog is about two such experiences I would like to share. One experience which very quickly turned into a panic scene and the other one where I successfully overcame my fret behavior.

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Good In Crankiness

‘Crank’ is an interesting word, on one side it is used to describe the starting/turning of something (some kind of machine) and if the same word is used for a human then he/she is described as eccentric/odd/misfit.

For the sake of this blog, we will keep the ‘machine’ related meaning aside and dive into the subject of humans because from last few years I have found myself amazed by the variety human potential and qualities. My interest in human behavior has increased to such an extent that lately, I have started searching online courses for psychology. Coming back to our topic of the day, I feel no matter how off-track a crank person can sound, we do like such kind of people. Offcource we do.

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The Journey Of Sound


What an amazing subject to discuss about, merely thinking about songs bring back so many memories related to our favorite song and the emotions attached to it and how it makes you feel no matter how many times you have heard it.

The best part about this blog is that I am actually writing down it while listening to one of my favorite classical songs, and it makes me so happy every time I listen to it. There are so many kinds of songs, a wide variety of them in every possible language that ever existed. So today I thought about writing down the reason why I think that songs have the power to create a long-lasting impression on our mind and touch our souls, so, let’s find out.

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Goodness In Depletion

Any word, with its meaning, has so much power that it has the ability to stir up emotions and feelings that can either uplift your mood and take you on your next adventure or can push you in desolated dimensions. So when I saw the daily prompt word – Deplete, the first few thoughts were not so inspiring, I thought about the famine, deforestation, global warming and even humanitarian crisis which are all perfect examples of the depleting resources in today’s world. But these exhausting topics are not the focal point of this blog today, as I believe that there is always a positive aspect to every scenario. So after pondering on its meaning for a while and jogging my brain hard for new ideas, I did find the goodness in depletion.

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Glimmering Hope

Hope is to follow the light at the end of the dark tunnel for a brighter future.

I know the above statement is kind of cliché, but I guess we often use it to express our journey and our struggle along the way. Well, this blog is not about the dark tunnels of life, but the glimmer of light that has helped me time and time again to get out of this tunnel.

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Disrupt Opinion

I always enjoyed writing and that is the reason why I started with blogging, but nowadays I do face the blogger-blankness issue. I don’t know what to write about or what to say. I have no new content related to the theme I have selected for my website and I have not published anything from last few months, this makes me sad. So I have finally decided to participate in the Daily Prompt challenge and the word for the day is ‘Disrupt‘.

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