Small Changes – Big Impact

Most of us have experienced the adrenaline of motivation and the urgency to do as many things as possible to achieve our goals.

We feel like doing everything at once, get up early, start exercise, handle office productively, take extra lessons, join a gym, start a new hobby and many more things. While we try to do all at once, soon 24hrs seem to be less.

I do agree many people are successful in carrying out such routine, but if you are someone like me then soon you feel busier than before, more tired than before, more confused and above all more demotivated than before. In no time you crave for a break, a break that soon takes you back to your old routine. My friends this is the story of my life as I have repeated this same pattern many times in past few years.

Enthusiasm without direction leads to frustration!

After defining my VISION in my previous blog, it was time to start taking action, but this time I decided not to rush into it and change my pattern for good. To start with I have decided to make small changes and keep doing them every day till they become my habit. One by one I am going to add them to my daily routine. These changes may seem very basic and unrelated but they are important because every journey starts from within. So here they are THE SMALL CHANGES, tried and tested before and that’s why I know they are worth sharing. They are simple and take only a few minutes or even seconds to do.

  1. Rise and Smile
    The first thing to do when we get out of bed is to SMILE and thank God for the beautiful day ahead. This might seem the elementary thing to do, but many a time you wake up late or your previous day was bad or your mind is grumbling about things to do in office or house, and as you wake up with these untamed thoughts, you start feeling grumpy and exhausted. So to start with SMILE, give your day a beautiful start – when you take that first step out of bed, just pause, hands pressed together, palms touching and fingers pointing upwards, smile and either silently or loudly say thank you to GOD/Universe/Divine Energy (Anything you believe in) Or just yourself if you are an atheist. By doing this first step, in that very moment, you give yourself the power to control the start of your day and make it beautiful.
  2. Daily detox and nutrition
    Once you are out of your bed, the next thing to do is to be grateful for your healthy body and the best way to do this is to detox and provide some nutrition to the body. For that, the two things we do:

    • Have a big glass of warm water. The benefits of warm water are all over the internet and trust me it really works well. Three ways you can have your daily dose – Just warm water / Warm water+lemon+honey / Warm water + apple cider vinegar.
    • Then after 30 minutes or more, you can have a good nutritious Smoothie* along with soaked dry fruits such as almonds and figs. We have found that a glass of smoothie and dry fruits can give you all the needed vitamins and proteins needed by your body and keep you energetic and healthy the whole day.
  3. Calm yourselfeauty!Once done with the first two steps and daily chores like bathing, cooking, grooming for office, it is time to calm your mind before starting with any kind of work, let it be the commute to work or household chores. The best way to calm and clear your mind is by focusing on your breath. Your breath is always with you; it is a part of you, and at any time you can use it to meditate. Breathing represents being alive in the immediate moment, and by resting your mind on your breath you learn how to stay present and awake to what is happening in and around you. Both exercises below are recommended, but depending on your time, you can prefer to do any one of them. Click on the link below to know the steps. (Images and Videos Included)
    • Pranayama (Highly Recommended) – Pranayamas are breathing exercises which channel life energy into the body. Breathing exercises provide oxygenated blood to our entire body and its organs. We get 54% energy from the air, therefore it is very important to understand the value of Pranayam for healthy existences. Read More
    • Breathing Meditation (If you are in a real rush) – Paying attention to the steady flow of your breath will soothe your mind, reduce its habit of jumping from one thought to another and allow you to relax. Read More
  4. Good Breakfast – Final step, which I believe we all are doing is having a breakfast. But when I say GOOD breakfast, I suggest to just slow down your space, take your head out of your digital devices or news paper. Share a good talk with your family about the good day ahead, give gratitude towards each other and most important, enjoy your breakfast with a smile.

Have your breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince and dinner like a Pauper!

Do it every day, even on weekends, no matter how early or late you wake up, NO EXCUSES because consistency is the key.

I know life can get pretty busy and hectic, but only if we do some small changes, you will see the big impact of those changes in your life. This is the first part of my small changes, big impact series. There are a couple of other things that I will be doing during the day or once a week to achieve my vision. Stay tuned for my next blog!

*Leave a comment if you need our super healthy smoothie recipe.

I would love to know if you are doing any of this steps already or you are planning to give it a try!

Reference Books and Links:

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