What is your Vision?

This blog is beginning of my quest to find answers and an important step towards the spiritual journey of CrunchyFusion. What are the questions you may ask? Well, this is what we are about to explore. To know more keep reading.


Most of us will agree that we are fine-tuned to lead a conventional life, get a good education, get a good job, get a good spouse, raise good children(s), save for retirement so on and so forth. One major drawback of this conventional method is that it is very time-consuming and tedious and as a  result even before we realize, we find us racing towards retirement.

Despite this fact, I do support conventional lifestyle at a certain level, as it brings security and stability and I won’t deny that my life (till now) is the byproduct of this conventional ways and to be honest, I was doing just fine.

But then came the time when I realized that fine is not enough and I wanted something more. This “something more” instantly puts forward the first big question – whether to stay stable and secure or take a risk and create instability.

I guarantee most of us will want to choose the latter, as it sounds fun and adventurous, but then quickly pops the second question – what is the one thing you want to risk your stability for? what are your goals?

As a child I was quite clear on my goal, I wanted to become a travel host. I wanted to visit beautiful places and live in luxurious hotels. I wanted to explore the new culture, make new friends. But as time passed the dream took a backseat and I was doing what was needed to be part of the secure life race, and in no time my goals turned into dreams that look beautiful but unachievable.

Today I don’t have a clear goal, yes I do have a  bucket list, but no plan or strategy to complete them. Wait a minute, do I sound depressing? Oh no! That’s not what this blog is about, Cheer Up! because as I mentioned at the start of the blog, the mission is to find answers.

So to start with let us just relax and take a few deep breaths because when you silence the noise outside and look within, you realize that the answer to all your questions lies within you. And that is what I did, so did I find my Goals? my ultimate purpose….. Oh no! Not so soon I guess. But I did find a clue, a direction, I did find a vision.

My vision is to do things that add value to others life and also brings satisfaction and bliss in my life. A vision to have abundance in every aspect of life – Health, Wealth, Positivity, Kindness, Love, Spirituality and off-course my luxurious travel plans.


With this very high-level vision in place, I am all set to explore and step out of my comfort zone. I am all set to carry my vision every where and share it with everyone because you never know when and how you find your purpose, your path. In blogs ahead, I am going to break down my vision in actions and targets to achieve, set some timelines and keep going.

So the next questions are for you – Are you with me on this journey? What are your plans? What is your vision or goal? I will love to know because sharing is caring!

2 thoughts on “What is your Vision?

  1. Vikash Sharma says:

    Very thoughtful and intriguing blog. I look forward to keep reading and connected with this blog.
    People from all sects, I believe, fond of self-exploration would connect very well with the thought process of you, Deepti. Thanks for this wonderfully insightful and enlightening blog. Looking forward to the second one.

    Liked by 1 person

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