Chasing the Super Moon

On 14th November 2016, we  went out of our way to capture a clear view of the SuperMoon! What was the outcome? Well, apart from the mesmerizing experience, photos and videos I also learned a very important lesson. While gazing at the eternal beauty of the bright moon in pitch black sky, I realized that chasing the supermoon for me was not just about capturing the perfect photo but it was metaphorically related to our everyday chase of goals and dreams. Above all the blissful feeling and satisfaction that we feel when we see our DREAMS COME TRUE! Join me on this wonderful journey of ‘Chasing The Super Moon

It was almost a month back when all the news and post on the social network  had started circulating about the uniqueness of the this SuperMoon which made us mark our calendars for viewing it on the night of 14th November. So below are few highlights about the SuperMoon:

  • The most spectacular supermoon of the 21st century so far. Last occurred in the year 1948.
  • 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than usual.
  • The full moon is  will be close to the earth, just 221,524 miles from Earth. That’s about 30,000 miles closer than when Apollo 11 launched to the moon on July 16, 1969.
  • After November 2016 display, the full moon will not come as close to the Earth until November 25, 2034.
  • The closest full moon of the 21st century, which will surpass even the current one, will fall on December 6, 2052.

Finally, when the day arrived, we were not really motivated to go out in the freezing cold after a tiring day at the office. Then something amazing happened, the SuperMoon came to us. Yes, it came to us! as we lay on our bed, confined to our mobiles, the moonlight was so luminous and shone so bright that it actually surpassed through our tainted windows and was clearly visible. At first, my partner thought that it was the street light, but we had no white color street light anywhere nearby our house, and in that very instance we realized that it was the ‘Super Moon Calling‘, it was time for us to get out of our cozy bed and bask in moonlight instead.

Very quickly, wrapped in all our warmers, jackets and bunnies to stay safe from the increasing cold, we wandered to the nearby riverside garden to get the perfect shot of the SuperMoon. Unfortunately, by the time we could make it to the park the clouds covered  the moon and they showed no signs of clearing. Moreover, the weather report had also warned us about the cloudy sky throughout the night. Still, we managed to capture a beautiful (blur) picture near the river side in low light, which created an amazing illusion of a watercolor painting.What do you think of the image below?


We waited patiently for some time for the clouds to clear, but when the wintry weather started teasing our bare face and hands, sending a shiver through our body, we finally  decided that it was time to head back home.

As we were walking back home,  we occasionally looked up at the sky to see if the clouds had cleared, as hope to see the majestic SuperMoon was still lingering in our mind. Almost few yards away from our home when we thought it was time to say goodbye to the moon and end our quest, we took our final gaze towards the sky and to our surprise the clouds were slowly moving away and the moon shining in its ultimate glory came out of the dark. Brightest we had ever experienced. Without wasting any time, we set up our tripod and took some amazing pictures and videos,  linked below.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Finally, our chase was over and we were blessed with an amazing experience that happens few times in a century. The reason why I decided to share this experience is to capture what I learned during this chase and they are the following things:

  • When we get the first glimpse of the outcome of our goals we start with full of enthusiasm and energy to begin to achieve them. We put in a lot of effort to take the first step and are ready to even overcome the freezing cold a.k.a obstacles in our way.
  • But many times due to various reasons our focus is diverted and the shiny picture that we had created in our mind gets covered with dark clouds, that don’t seem to fade away easily.
  • Even in those dark times, we have few moments that make us happy, same as the faded picture that we captured above.
  • Still, as the result don’t show for a very long time and our own self-doubt and limitations send a shiver through our veins, that is the time when we just decide to quit.
  • This is the time to remember that even if you have faith as small as a pea, then just keep looking up, keep revising your goals, write down the reason why you started chasing the dream in the first place and how you will feel when this dream turns into reality.
  • When you decide to give up, make sure you give it one more final gaze (Try) and you will see that slowly and steadily the clouds of uncertainty and doubts have started moving away and the once blur picture is now getting clearer. Trust me, within no time you will be basking in the glory of achieving your dreams.

Enjoy the video I have compiled and your comments and feedback are always welcomed!

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