Too Thin Or Too Fat – Nothing In between

“You are either skinny  or fat, there is no other tag for your body type.”

I recently heard this quote in some movie and Ohh  how much I can relate to it! Over the years, I have transitioned from being skinny to being fat and during this journey, I hardly remember anybody telling me that I look fine. But, this journey has a happy ending and all that matters today  is being healthy. Let’s explore it in more detail.

When I was too thin

As a teenager, I always looked a few years younger than my actual age, mainly because I had a small body frame and I was thin.So many times my friends and sometimes even strangers thought that it was their moral duty to make me realize that I was too petite. I will like to share one such funny incident that happened in my teen days.

One fine day, my friend came to me and gave me a serious look and said, hey you are too teeny weeny  dear, I don’t know how your children’s will feel about you. You won’t even look like their mother.

Though today I address this incident as funny, but back then that thought really troubled me for a very long time. I felt the urge to work on myself, I wanted to look older and fuller so that my unborn children can feel better.

So I joined a gym to put on weight and it didn’t really help as I quickly stopped going and I turned to junk food thinking that it would be an easier option to help me put on weight and that I could stop eating it when I felt the time was right. But the time was never right.

When I was too fat

Then came the time when I started with my first job. The long working hours and eating junk food finally started taking a toll on my body. Suddenly my too skinny outfits were bulging out because of the fat deposits in unwanted places.

Soon there was a shift in the nickname from skinny bones to fatso. I am not quite sure whether it was the love of my friends or otherwise, that they gave me those nicknames. In addition, meeting old school friends meant receiving a bonus lecture on weight management, the first thing they always said to me was “Oh! you used to be so thin and trim, why did you let yourself loose, you should join the gym.” The greatest irony is I did join the gym, but this time to loose weight. Obviously, Nothing was going to change overnight

Finally, I realized that if you think you are too thin or too fat, it’s just because:

  • You choose to believe what other people think about you or
  • You are comparing yourself to someone else or
  • Just setting goals too high, but are not ready to work for it.

So where to start? Well, the answer is simple, first and foremost, you need to accept yourself the way you are. Step in front of a mirror and take a good look at yourself. Surely your mind will first try to focus on all the flaws because that is what we have trained our mind to do so many years. Just relax, take a deep breath and smile back at yourself. And as your smile makes you feel good, tell yourself

You’re Amazing. You’re Beautiful/Handsome, You’re Healthy and above all,  you are one of a kind in entire universe and there is no one exactly like you anywhere.

Unless the science fiction of having an exact replica of earth somewhere in the universe comes true, then there may be many like you 🙂

Finally, it is all about what you feel and believe you truly are. You can eat what you want, you can wear what you want and you can be what you want, but it’s important that you feel good about it because the big piece of cake/pizza may or may not add extra calories to your weight, but if you feel sad after eating it or whining about not being able to control your habits, then surely all the complaints are going to add extra calories to your brain.

So if you want to aim for something,  then aim to accept yourself the way you are and feel good about it. Aim to become more healthy,  strong and energetic, so that you can live more,  help more, enjoy more and spread more love and peace. That is the first step I took to end the journey of being too skinny or being too fat and started being happier and more healthy!

Dear readers your comments, suggestions, and experiences are most welcome.

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