Fun Way To Get Inspired


In today’s world, if you really want to get inspired all you need to do is a Google search and there are thousands of results that will be displayed. My post is going to be the 1001st attempt to inspire you. What’s the difference you might ask?

I personally feel that watching motivational videos might get a bit serious over time with series of steps/actions that you might have to take to achieve your dreams.

This blog is an attempt to show the fun way to get inspired and make most out of it. Who better than the Great Kung Fu Masters to help us with this process. If this is the first time you are hearing about them, then you have surely missed the three most awesome fun & inspirational movies of all time. Yes, movies! they are my all time favorite animation movies and I find inspiration in every bit of them. The movie will give you a boost of energy and teach you three most important lessons of life.

  1. Believe In Your Self.
  2. Inner Peace.
  3. Know yourself (Self-Mastery).

And no matter how young or old you think you are, if you master these pearls of wisdom, they are going to bring out the best in you. This blog is going to be a combination of videos that I have compiled from the actual movies and few personal experiences.

Turn up the volume of your device and Let’s Start!

Believe In your Self 

We often take many things for granted in our life but a good look around you, and you will realize that whatever you are today is just because you believed in yourself. Even the basic things like walking, talking, doing and achieving things happened because you believed in yourself . Still, the greatest irony of our life is as we grow older we doubt our own actions and limit our own thoughts from doing, being or having things we really want in our life. So let see what the masters have to say,

Kill the snake of doubt in your soul!! – Anonyms

After I bought this domain Crunchy Fusion it took me almost many years (9 to be precise) to start this blog because I doubted my own skills, my own abilities to express myself. Then one awesome day I cleared all my doubts and finally took the first step. As a result, here I am with 6 blogs posted and 500+ views and I feel so happy that I took that first step. Now the question is, do you believe In yourself and if yes, then what will your first step be?

Inner Peace

So we completed the first step and we are all motivated and also Believe in Ourselves. Time to write down the list of goals you want to achieve.

Said that I have often found that when I ask my friends to list down the things they really want in their life, they will start with good spirit and full force but then slowly they shift towards listing down the things they didn’t do, how they were good at doing certain things in their teen days, the wrong choices they made, the friendships they never maintained, the person they never approached or the efforts they never took to achieve what they wanted.

This made me realize that though you might believe in yourself and know what you want, it is equally important to let go of the past (regrets) that we carry with us everywhere. It is the choice we make today that matters the most. Let see what the masters have to say,

One area of life where I have found inner peace is when I overcame the Fear Of Language.

Man is free the instant he wants to be! – Voltaire

Know yourself (Self-Mastery)

Last but most important is when you really Know Yourself is when you find Inner Peace and can truly Believe in Yourself. EYE.gifYou might want to tell me instantly  Oh! I know myself better, it’s only other people who don’t understand me.

Heard that many times, now imagine me looking straight into your eyes and asking the question – Really, who are you?

Are you one person or the combination of all the characters you were or will become during your lifetime – Are you the cute baby, the obedient daughter/son, the caring brother/sister, the naughty teen, the favorite niece/nephew,the best friend, the lover, the student,the employee, the boss, the manager, the traveller, the husband, the wife, the uncle, the aunt, the stranger sharing smile, the loving grandparent.

Well, the possibilities are endless, but the important thing is how much love you have shared and how much value you have added in others life by being one or more person listed above and that’s what makes you special, that’s what makes you who you really are. Once you realize this basic thing then you have already taken the first step towards self-mastery.  Let see what the masters have to say,

Life is not about finding yourself, It is about creating yourself! – Anonyms

Finally, I will request you to rent/buy all the three movies and watch it over the weekend. Please also share if you have learned something more that is not shared in this blog. It will help us all because as my good friend said ‘Sharing Is Caring’.

Don’t worry you don’t have to know or do all the things right away, but it’s important that you start the journey and feel good about it because life is all about living it to the fullest but with a hint of innocence – My Bucket Full Of List Point #10

I believe that a person should always treasure his/her innocence, but should be enough mature to take the right decision at right time. He/she should have a kind heart but a strong mind to face life’s unpredictable situations, and still remain stable. I am always in align with this goal.

Let this motivation help you to achieve your dreams… But first Believe In Yourself… Promise you will Believe!

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