Why I Love Travelling?


Seven out of ten people today will say that they Love Travelling and if given a choice they would remain travellers for their entire lives and I know I am one out of those seven.

Nothing brings me more bliss than exploring a new place, wandering on an unknown road and the confidence that you can be or do anything because people around you will mostly overlook your antic behaviours thinking – Tourist are strange.

So no wonder that ‘Travelling’ is a top most goal on my bucket list.

If you have landed directly on this blog please refer – My Bucket Full Of List to get some background. This blog is to dig deep into how and why travelling became my passion and moreover it became my goal not because I always wanted to visit exotic places but because of an urge to learn or do something new. More on this later.

It all started with the long journeys I took along with my parents during our school vacations. Unlike other kids, who could visit their relatives in other towns and villages far from home, all my relatives stayed nearby, my uncles and aunts, my grandparents etc. So visiting them was like taking a stroll through the neighbourhood. So the only way to spend the long holidays was to go on tours to a totally different part of the country with my family. Every trip was an amazing experience and full of beautiful moments worth treasuring our entire life. Said that, I strongly support the fact that taking family trips frequently are utmost important to make the bond strong and increase the love. Over the years, though you might not remember every detail of your trip, still going through those pictures or specific event will bring loads of joy.

The other thing that influenced me the most to travel around the world was the travel shows that aired  on Discovery Channel. Even though it was all virtual on TV, as the channel name suggested it was truly discovering a whole new world with a variety of experiences. I felt as if I was beside the travel host experiencing all the amazing places and their culture. One such show that inspired me the most was Lonely Planet and my favourite host was Ian Wright, I simply wanted to be him and live his life.


After so many years, I have still kept my passion alive of travelling. Though I have not transformed myself into a travel host but at least I know I will transform myself into a travel blogger and share my experience with the world through these blogs.

So my dear readers if you share the same passion as I do for travelling, keep watching this space for more blogs on Travel. As travelling is not just a physical activity but a mind journey you take via pictures, blogs, videos and much more ways.

And now coming back to my travel goal, as mentioned earlier when I wrote down travelling as my first goal on paper, it wasn’t about visiting exotic places or luxurious resorts, but it was about learning or doing something new. To elaborate more on that, below are two such places I have shortlisted and the reason why wanted to visit those places might amuse you.

1. Egypt: I don’t exactly remember when I was introduced to Egypt, but it was surely one of the discovery channel documentaries and the moment I laid my eyes on the Great Pyramids, they made a deep impression in my mind. I was introduced to an ancient magical world where everything was preserved with utmost care and in a big way.

And then there was this documentary on one of the most powerful women pharaoh who ruled Egypt – Cleopatra. Everything about here mesmerised me, her birth story, her intelligence, her love0f5f6405659a024ad1ccaa3fbf4c9073rs and her sacrifice. For me, she was a true combination of beauty and brain that powerful women can be. Though I might never match her intelligence or beauty, this one goal I surely want to turn into reality. Here goes my wish –

Visit Egypt, dress like Cleopatra and climb one of the pyramids, stretch my arms and feel the warm air of Egyptian history touching my soul

I know readers who have knowledge of Egypt will want to tell me, that it is forbidden to climb on a pyramid for the safety of the tourist. So I may not be able to climb a pyramid but will surely stand in front of the three magnificent pyramids of Giza dressed like Cleopatra.

2. China

Visit China – learn martial art and Reiki.

It was their movies that introduced me to Chinese cu7587595896_db1a919508_blture and as a child I was fascinated by the martial arts, flying people, their strong discipline, speed and mind control scenes. But it was the documentary on Shaolin temple that made me write down the goal to visit china and enrol myself to the martial art school and discipline my life, which I always had an urge for.

There are many such places I want to visit and reason to visit them are equally entertaining. I will surely write about them in my next blogs. Meantime your comments and suggestions will help me improve.

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