My Bucket Full Of List (Part 2)


Well, when I started writing about my ‘Bucket List‘, I never realized that I have so much to write and so much to share. I thought one blog was enough to sum it all.


Paper version of my bucket list

But now when I go through my list and all the things I want to note down about each and every wish, it seems never ending.

So finally I decided to publish the list first and then gradually explain each one. The list is in quite RAW state and few points might seem incomplete. But I will surely try to explain them in my future blogs.

My dear readers, please leave comments or suggestion if you find any of my goals interesting, familiar or irrational.

Note: You can read the first part of the blog here: My Bucket Full Of List (Part 1)

1 I love traveling. I want to travel the whole world. Read more – Why I Love Travelling?
2 I want to be an early riser. I want to do exercise, yoga, meditation, learn/read new things. See the rising sun.
3 I want to try various jobs, just for fun and experience and not as a need.
4 I want to run a marathon and want to win.
5 I want to participate in Olympics and win.
6 I want to learn to dance gracefully. I want to do a Cuban salsa in Havana. I want to win a dancing competition.
7 I want to own multiple properties in the most beautiful places in the world. I want my own beach house, boat house, tree house, a house full of modern equipment etc.
8 I want to set up my website and want it to be one of the most accessed sites.
9 I want to achieve a balance between spiritual, materialistic and personal achievements. I don’t want to achieve more or less in any of the above three.
10 I believe that a person should always treasure his/her innocence, but should be enough mature to take the right decision  at right time. He/she should have a kind heart but a strong mind to face life’s unpredictable situations, and still remain stable. I am trying and I will achieve this balance.
11 I want to own a photography studio and turn my business plan in reality – Family and children photography.
12 I want to be in a lead role in a Film (Adventure/Action/Fiction movie E.g. Tom Raider)
13 I want to get my picture published on the cover page of the one of the best magazine.
14 I want to fall in love with someone who accepts me as I am, loves me unconditionally, makes me laugh, cares about me, spend his whole life with me. And let me the way I am.
15 I want to own a museum.
16 I want to live a happy married life with my soul mate and have two children’s.
17 I want to adopt children’s. I want to open a creative school for children’s.
18 I want to open a big organization for needy people , where we understand their abilities and start using them to help themselves and others and create a better country. I have a clear picture of the way the organization will be. I want to turn it into reality
19 I want to own many different kinds of successful business. One of them is Tour and travel business because I love travelling.
20 I want to have series of most comfortable and luxurious vehicles. I want my own RV. I want to buy a plane. I want to learn most of the vehicles on ground/water/air.
21 I want to be a billionaire. I want to be rich – want to be counted in richest people in the world. Live Rich Die Rich.
22 I want to improve my sketching and painting skills to such an extent that I  can exhibit them and sell them.
23 I want to meet and live my life under the influence of great human souls, who have already proved themselves in different fields
24 I want to write and publish a book. I want to complete my stories. I want to be a famous author. Read More – Author In Progress
25 I want to always live a good healthy life.
26 I want to be a vibrant, dynamic, confident personality. I want to be one of the best speakers the world has known. I want a very stable, cool, calm mind.
27 I always want to be a nice, loving, kind, cool, peaceful, calm, pure, happy, powerful, correct person. I always want to achieve a balance between all the relationship in my life.
28 I want to be a social worker all my life.
29 I want to influence people in the good and right way.
30 I want to bring positive changes in the culture of our country.
31 I want to try all adventure sports like rock-climbing, bungee jumping, ice trekking, scuba diving etc.
32 I want to open my own chain of restaurants across the world. Turn my restaurant plan in reality.
33 I want my name in Wikipedia.
34 I want to walk on ramp do-modelling.
35 I want to design clothes. Establish a brand.
36 I want to get a National Award.
37 I want to learn to groom.
38 I want to buy  a laptop.
39 I want to read as many good books as I can and absorb and impart the knowledge.
40 I want to give my parents, family, friends a healthy, wealthy happy life till the end of their days.
41 I want to do no adjustments or sacrifice. I want everything.
42 I want to get a tattoo done.
43 I am God’s child. I want to make him proud.
44 I want to make a world record. Want my name in Guinness Book of Records.
45 I want to be part of my countries army in some good and right way.
46 I want to gain knowledge over most of the main religions on the earth.
47 I want to live a long, healthy and successful life. I want to break the record of my granny who lived until age 93.
48 And when I die, I want to die peacefully, with GOD’s name in my mind. Die as a powerful, peaceful and satisfied soul. So when I am reborn I will already be an enlightened soul.
49 I want to own an Island of my own.
50 I want to improve my working style and work on mistakes I have made in past.
51 I want my full-sized portrait to be done in a very ancient style.

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