My Bucket Full Of List (Part 1)


Over the years I have tried a lot of motivational things such as gratitude, visualization, reading, writing, meditation, vision boards etc. You name it and I must have either practiced, read or heard about it.Today, when I look back on all the things I have done it takes me back to the year ‘2010’ which is a special year for me, to be even more precise the date and time is  27/07/2010 11:15 PM, at my home. This was the day when my dream list or bucket list manifested from my mind on a paper and an amazing list of 51 ‘I want to do’ things came into existence.

Well, the whole list was not written in one day and many goals were added with time-based on various ideas, circumstances, and experiences that I’ve had in my life.

Today when I go through that list, I realize that it is not important ‘How many things I have completed?’ or ‘How many things I will actually complete?’. But the list is about the person I was then, person I am now and the person I will always be. A person who believes that everything and anything is possible and ‘Can do, have, be anything I want’.  You will be amazed to find that the list span across almost all the areas of  life, right from a very small wish like ‘buying my first laptop’ to an ‘afterlife planning’ everything is enclosed and that is what makes it worth sharing.

So finally, I decided to remove the ‘Exclusive To Me’ tag from the list and share it with the world. This blog will be divided into two main sections – First part is to jot down the list, the actual goals. Second and interesting part will be to describe all those experiences, thoughts, ideas, feelings and circumstances because of which I wanted to achieve that goal and also how whenever I go through the list, different ways of completing those goals start dancing in my mind and make me happy even before accomplishing them.

My Dear Readers, you might find my list positive, serious, funny, possible, impossible, irrational or familiar. You might feel good or might want to criticize me for sharing the list, but the reason I am sharing a part of me is because deep down I believe that you will find the same JOY or BLISS that I found while thinking of all the possible things that we can do and live our life with a purpose.

So let the journey begin….My Bucket Full Of List (Part 2)

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