Fusion of Crunchiest Things!


Well, my first blog and I’m already short of words!!!!

I believe this is the main reason why it took me so long to start my own blog.  But here I am now, keeping aside all the If’s and Buts’,  I have finally started ………..Oopeeee.

First and foremost what is CrunchyFusion and why the name CrunchyFusion.

When I first decided to book my own domain name, I tried all possible permutations and combinations. To start with, I tried putting my name as part of the blog, so that it becomes a trademark (And the thought made me float on cloud 9). But that didn’t work, as it didn’t put forward the essence of what I wanted this site to be.

So what is this site all about…..well the tagline gives the hint. CrunchyFusion is the fusion of crunchiest things of life. Things that make us happy, things that add colors, flavors, crunchiness to our life, and for me those are – Travel, Food, and Spirituality.

And this is what my blog is all about –

Travel – I love to travel, any kind of travel makes me happy, let it be a vacation with family and friends. Office trips or just commuting or walking to the office. And most of the time, the experience leaves you mesmerize and speechless and then turns you into a storyteller (Quote by IBN Battuta). So this section will showcase what I felt and experienced when I visited a certain place or about my journey to a certain place. Because many times, it’s the journey that is more memorable than the destination.

Food – Well I love food and though eating is my favorite part. I do occasionally enjoy cooking as well. As I have recently converted into a vegetarian, this choice opened a whole new world of varieties of fruits, veggies, and all sort vegetarian options that I didn’t know existed. So this section is going to be a fusion of recipes, vegetarian restaurants, and food that simply makes you happy.

Spirituality – I always say that I am not religious , but a very spiritual person. And going by the definition spirituality is making a connection with the divine and for me, the divinity is not only within me but all around me and that’s why this blog will remain incomplete if I don’t pen down my thoughts about my spiritual journey and amazing experiences and miracles that amaze me every day.

Finally, my sentences may be grammatically incorrect and words may be misused. But everything that I write is the reflection of who I am and what I want to be. And yes I am not perfect, but it is a continuous process of becoming better than what I was yesterday. So if you have any feedback, suggestion, questions you will like to ask or share with me, please leave a comment below.

Thank you……if you have reached this point!!!

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